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SKIN-FLEX Second Skin Bandages

I wash my hands a lot. Even before COVID I washed my hands way more than the average person; when you work in early childhood you can easily wash your hands 3-5 times an hour.

So in addition to hand lotion that works, I have always been on the lookout for a bandage that actually stays on my hand.

I recently got a blister from raking leaves and none of the bandages I had were sticking after a few washes. I looked online and decided to try SKIN-FLEX Second Skin Bandages from Band-Aid and they are the best!

They don’t fall off when I flex my fingers, I was able to wash my hands ALL day before needing to put a fresh one on at night and they don’t have that weird plastic feeling that some have, nor do they fray around the edges like most cloth bandages.

I am confident they will also be useful for my two boys who are ALWAYS getting scrapes and cut. I highly recommend these for any teacher, mom or dad out there who is constantly going through the handwashing cycle!

*I have not been reimbursed in any way for the promotion of this product

Ride & Remind

When it comes to our babies’ safety, parents want the best, and when it comes to “baby in the back” reminders, The Ride N Remind System is by far the most reliable.  Having this one-of-a-kind system professionally installed into your vehicle will protect your child every time you ride together.  

The device works by chiming once you take your keys out of the ignition; if the alarm is not deactivated by opening your rear door and pressing the deactivate button, an SOS signal will sound, alerting you your most valuable possession is in the back seat.  The device is designed so you can temporarily override it and turn it off for trips you don’t need it on.   

The Ride & Remind is also great for those who frequently travel with their pets!

The Ride & Remind Backseat Reminder System kit comes with everything your professional installer will need, along with detailed instructions on how to install correctly.

The best thing about this reminder system is that no apps, special keychains, batteries, or additional sensors are needed.  Once installed, it works for you every time! Nothing to remember. 

As a parent, I cannot stress enough the danger of leaving a child or pet in the car.  Everyone thinks it won’t be me, but according to the organization Kids and Cars, on average, 37 children die every year from being left in a vehicle.  That’s 37 too many.

The Ride & Remind is the safety system that every parent should have to protect what is most valuable. 

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