Finding the Fun

My week of trying to be more positive and engaged with my children seems to have paid off! They spent a lot more time off the electronics and involved in other things, and I was much more zen. While nothing is perfect and schoolwork was still a significant pain in my ass, they and we found ways to have more of that old fashioned family fun. That translates to a better atmosphere for everyone.

To start the week off, and it was a muggy and rainy start to the week, we went on a neighborhood scavenger hunt between rainstorms. These hunts are something we have done quite a few times, and the boys always love finding my clues as quickly as possible. Truth be told, there are only so many times we can look for an American flag or a house with a blue door, but they seem to love it all the same.

The next day brought about the adventures of Piggy-anda Jones. Yes, that is an officially licensed Indiana Jones hat Piggy is wearing. He is re-enacting the coal mining car scene from the Temple of Doom. I had nothing to do with this creation but was delighted beyond belief. My dad had always loved Indiana Jones and had dressed up as him more than once for Halloween. I loved their creativity on this one!

On the third day came the pranks, and this one got me good. They know I am terrified of spiders, and I did not even know they had this toy! I laughed so hard with them over this, and it felt good! They enjoy watching YouTube videos on pranks and are always trying to figure out how to get the one up on each other, often employing my help. They only time I fall out of favor is when I refuse to let them do pranks in the house that require dumping water all over each other… total wicked witch.

On the fourth day, it was apparently Christmas. They decorated our upstairs TV/Sitting area and arranged a food spread on some TV trays. Then they sat and watch The Grinch. The party ended with a dance party, which I made sure to participate in!

Friday was a pretty chill day, and no one is complaining about that. They spent some time with me while I worked out and wrote, but mostly everyone just kind of did their own thing, and there is a lovely type of joy and peace that goes with that.

We are back to Monday now, and I have already engaged in some games of Sorry and mostly stress free school work. Will the trend continue? I don’t know, but I sure hope so. Quarantine restrictions may be beginning to lift, but my older son has already had 2 of his camps canceled he was looking forward to this summer. Life is still very much in an altered state and that unpredictability can be difficult on kids and adults alike.. I am glad I found a way to recharge and refocus last week and create some of that normalcy that has been lagging. I feel more regulated and calm… that is at least until the next time my sanity slips.

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