Too Early for Wine

It’s a rainy Friday and everybody is stuck inside at the end of another long quarantine week. I mean I did get to go to the grocery store this morning and had the opportunity to make multiple trips from my car to my house in the pouring rain. Yay for outside time! There are loud but not concerning noises coming from the basement and no amount of coffee seems to be doing the trick as I go about my tasks for the day. It reminded me of this photo from December when I thought the two weeks of winter break were draining, wasn’t that a cute thought. It’s only noon and there is school work I will have to wrestle with them to complete, I’d like to find the energy to finally finish my book, and did I mention the mountains of laundry waiting to be folded and washed? I think today I just need to get by, ignore that crash I just heard, it may have been the Lego bucket, and power through the day. The coffee may not be working but eventually the socially acceptable time for wine will be here and that always helps.

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