Essential Mom Outfits

If you are a mom, guaranteed you are busy and have your hands full most of the time. There is often little time to yourself, let alone time for fashion and strategically planning outfits. I have been known to go to Target in sweatpants and a t-shirt because I just couldn’t care at that moment. But, if you’re like me, it feels good to feel put together from time to time, even if it is in a casual way, so, I’ve created a list of my favorite and easy go-to “mom looks” that won’t make you look as haggard as you may feel!

1. This is one of my favorite go-to looks. A Graphic T, Denim Jeggins, and Nude Flats. Toss your hair up in a messy bun and you are good to go. It’s classic, simple and won’t break the bank. I have a selection of graphic T’s that could rival what’s available for sale in the entire Women’s section of Target and Kohl’s combined and own jeggings in light blue, dark blue and pink.

2. For the days you don’t care but still don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed (even though you did), I recommend patterned leggings, a plain oversized sweatshirt and some stylish sneaks. LuLaroe are my favorite leggings and can be found on eBay and in thrift shops. The great thing about leggings is they come in so many colors, patterns and designs there is guaranteed to be a pair out there for you.

3. My other, personal favorite, go-to is a maxi dress, especially if it has pockets. They are sooooooo comfortable and they make it simple to get ready with little effort, while at the same time look put together. I often wear mine with sandals, flip flops or flats. This look is as easy as 1,2…. no 3 needed. I have two of the dressed posted currently hanging in my closet.

4. These are all things you probably have in your closet already. A pair of jeans, a loose T either solid or striped, a cardigan and a pair of white sneakers. Four very basic pieces that can be easily slipped on and have you ready to be out the door in no time. I prefer a pop of color in either the cardigan or shirt but this look can easily be done with more neutral/calm tones like gray and navy and look just as good!

5. Lastly, we have the sweater or sweatshirt dress. I usually pair mine with thick tights and boots in the winter or with loafers or flats in the spring. They are cozy, cute and it’s basically like wearing a hug.

The important thing is that no matter what you wear that you stay authentically you. I love would love to hear from other mom’s about what your “go to” looks are! Please comment so I can get some more ideas for my closet!

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