Laughter is the Best Medicine*

*unless you have wine

I have done this oh so many times……


I personally think the worst one is after I’ve put them to bed, I poured the glass of wine, my ass just every so slightly grazes the couch and then “MOOOOOMMMMMY”.

This is 100% me with my 2nd grader’s work right now. None of it makes any sense.

My youngest son. Every. Single. Day.

But seriously. I want to know why my six year old insists on wearing skinny jeans he can’t get off himself without an entire acrobatic routine.

How I know many of us feel right now!

This is a difficult time for everyone right now and humor has always helped me. Love your kids even though they drive you up a wall, to which my literal 9 year old replies “I can’t drive you up a wall, I don’t have a car”, and hang in there as best you can. Remember to practice self-care, reaching out to friends and loved ones, and of course, reading blogs like this one!

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